Polish Beyond OPI and Essie

Polish Beyond OPI and Essie

So I love Essie and OPI. Not to the point where I can look at someones nails and name the color (except for Lincoln Park After Dark- huge hit in 2007), but in the average salon these two brands run shit. I also love getting a manicure. The issue is I literally cannot get my nails done without getting a ten minute chair massage. It’s a problem. 

Then one of my best friends introduced me to Smith and Cult. Smith and Cult is a line of nail lacquers that are formulated with an “8-free” formula. This means no Dibutyl, Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin or Camphor. And this line is so bad ass. Each polish is based off a diary entry by the ‘beauty addicted heroine’ of the line; and the bottles themselves are an accessory on their own. 

Plus, this polish applies so amazingly! Almost gel-like. And dries really fast. 

So the one thing is these bottles are pricey; $18 for one polish. But I drop about $35 every time I go to the nail salon and dry my nails with someone rubbing my shoulders. I’ve been using Smith & Cult to paint my own nails in-between needing manicures. It also comes is handy when I need to slap polish on my nails last minute and don’t have time to get them done. Aka every Friday night.

Oh, and they also have a lip gloss line. Don’t get me started… 😉


Polish Beyond OPI and EssiePolish Beyond OPI and EssiePolish Beyond OPI and EssiePolish Beyond OPI and Essie Photography by Daniela Spector

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