5 EASY Tips for a Better Organized Bedroom

5 EASY Tips for a Better Organized Bedroom

There is literally no better feeling than being organized! Or at least my type-A self likes to thinks so 😉 When clutter is at a minimum and everything is in it’s place, I feel a huge sense of calm. I currently live in a two bedroom apartment with my husband, two year old son and newborn baby. We have a decent amount of space, and great closets; but with two kids now we also have a lot of stuff. 

Before I had my daughter, Natalie the owner of Liberate Your Space came to my home to help me reorganize my son’s bedroom, with the goal of fitting my daughter in there as well. Natalie not only organized the entire room beautifully, but created MORE space than I ever thought was possible. It’s amazing how much room is wasted when you don’t practice the right techniques!

Below are some simple ideas you can incorporate in your home. What Natalie does is provide you with a system that is sustainable. It shouldn’t stress you out, it should make your life a million times easier! It’s been about two months since she came and I can tell you the closet and dressers look exactly the same. It’s been a breeze to maintain!

Liberate Your Space offers a free consultation! 

TIPS for Organization! 

1. PURGE! I know this is hard for some, but purging unnecessary items in your home is crucial. I always donate!
2. CONTAINERS: what makes a closet look clean and seamless is reducing visual clutter. The Container Store has amazing options.
3. LABELS: I was honestly against labels initially, but I can’t tell you how much it has helped me actually put things away where they belong. Try this label maker!
4. DRAWER DIVIDERS: putting dividers into drawers and folding or rolling your clothes not only saves a TON of space, but forces you to not just throw things into a drawer.

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