5 Things You Learn Going Vegan

5 Things You Learn Going Vegan

We did it!! 30 days with no meat, dairy or eggs. Each” challenge” or cleanse we do reminds us what our bodies actually need, and what they can live without. Whether you were with us this past month or not, here are some things we learned along the way. 🙂


  Protein doesn’t just come for meat. 

One thing you have no choice but to learn is how to get protein from other sources. Because you can’t have meat or eggs, you will naturally increase your intake of organic vegetables, nuts, legumes and healthy grains. I also added plant-based protein to my morning smoothie. 

 You will become a more conscious eater.  

While practicing a vegan diet, you can’t just grab anything to eat. Most snack foods and desserts, especially the highly processed ones, contain dairy or eggs. So when you plan ahead, or take a little time to think about what to eat, you will most likely to stick to healthier choices!

Vegans are usually skinny, and now you know why.   

I mean lets be real, you never really see an overweight vegan. And why is that? Because a vegan, plant-based diet is made up of foods that are really freaking healthy. And as we mentioned before, most processed junk foods are eliminated because they contain meat, eggs or dairy. So there is no like, “I ate a salad for lunch, so now I deserve a donut,” going on. Convert to this diet (don’t eat vegan junk and hit the gym) and you’ll be looking like Carrie Underwood before you know it. 😉

Vegetables don’t suck. 

You are either going to learn how to make vegetables taste amazing, or you are going to learn where to order vegetables that taste amazing. Cheese and dairy-based dressings are out for added flavor; so instead you will learn to kick up your spice game a notch and experiment with vegan friendly sauces. 

You can always come back to this. 

Whether you decide to continue this vegan lifestyle or not, it’s always something you can do again to reset your eating habits. Although potato chips and French fries are still vegan, most “unhealthy” foods are naturally eliminated. You will find yourself eating more vegetables and fewer blocks of cheese in no time. 😉 

5 Things You Learn Going Vegan

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