5 Tips to Slim Down for Vaca

5 Tips to Slim Down for Vaca

Sweater season has arrived! Which means the few extra pounds that I’ve been working to keep off all summer may creep back on. And although an enormous scarf and leggings up to my armpits can do the trick in the winter, I can’t necessarily bring them to the beach 🙂

So here are five tips to (quickly) get vacation body ready!


1. Soups or Smoothies for Dinner! 

Whenever I am feeling bloated, I go straight to having pureed soups or smoothies for dinner. Your body digests liquid faster than solid meals, allowing it more time to work on breaking down toxins and other junk that has built up over time. And don’t think you will starve either! Our soup recipes are creamy, filling and delicious. 🙂

 2. MOVE by The Clean Program. 

This stuff is awesome. It is a fiber drink mix designed to support intestinal health to get things “moving.” And although we should all be trying to get our fiber through lots of veggies and leafy greens, an extra scoop of Move can’t hurt. Check out The Clean Program site to order, it’s only $25!

 3. Drink Water, like a lot. 

I know you hear this time and time again, but it is so important for your insides. Drinking water can also help to avoid overeating. If you start to feel hungry, try drinking a glass of water first. You may just be dehydrated. If you are still hungry 30 minutes later, then go ahead and have something healthy to eat.

 4. The 12 Hour Window Rule.  

Remember last Thanksgiving’s food coma? Digestion is one of the most energy consuming functions of the body, so every so often we need to give it a break! The 12 Hour Window Rule consists of leaving 12 hours between your last meal (dinner) and your first meal the next day (breakfast). So if you have dinner at 8pm, you will not have breakfast until 8am the next morning. This will give your digestive system the break it needs to properly digest the food in your system, and also start to clear out some of the other built up toxins. Note: it’s totally fine to have water or herbal tea between this time.

5. Skinny Arms by Tracy Anderson. 

This youtube video by Tracy Anderson is legit. It’s only 8 minutes long, and your arms will burn like crazy. I do this video daily leading up to my vacation for toned, bikini ready arms! You will be amazed at how fast you see results. Click here for the video!


5 Tips to Slim Down for Vaca

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