Acupuncture and the Emotional Connection Between the Mind and Body

Acupuncture and the Emotional Connection Between the Mind and Body

With my new found hormone balancing and gut healing journey, I have come across acupuncture and cupping anddd I’m obsessed. It is changing my life on such a deeper level than I could have ever imagined; as I initially went to try acupuncture because I couldn’t poop. 😉

I want to first talk about how intertwined and connected our emotional and physical bodies are. We believe that the gut and mind are directly connected. And that not being able to “let go” or suppressing our emotions can actually manifest in our body, such as in our gut. Symptoms of this can present as constipation, bloating, weight gain around the abdomen, bacteria and yeast overgrowths, lack of period, etc. When we become energetically blocked from past built up emotions (like anger for example) it can result in unbalanced energy that is unable to flow freely through our body. The goal is to always have movement, and flowing balanced energy within. But when energy blockages arise they can cause havoc and stress on our system which can then develop as physical symptoms. Did I lose you? 

One way to help release these blockages and create harmony and movement within is to heal through acupuncture. Acupuncture pinpoints these blocks and helps to reroute the energy and release the stress both as the physical symptom and an emotional hold. My acupuncturist kept telling me each week that I was going to have an emotional release of my life soon. Like cry your eyes out release. It eventually happened and felt so freaking good.

I see my acupuncturist once a week for a needling and cupping session. Afterwards I’m in this blissful yet emotionally raw state where I’m super open and clear. Sort of like a vail around me has been removed and I can see things just a little more clearly. My goal is for flowing movement of harmonized energy within me, which ultimately manifests in this exterior world we call life. 🙂 



Acupuncture and the Emotional Connection Between the Mind and Body

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