Alyssa Gets Spiritual in Hawaii


Aloha Spinach for Breakfasters!

I recently went to the beautiful island of Hawaii, where I spent 10 days on a wellness and spiritual retreat. I hiked mountains, meditated, learned chi yoga, and became one with Mother Earth. 🙂 

What I’ve been learning is that eating clean organic foods and exercising, (although very important!) are just part of what it takes to reach your optimum health. Putting work into your inner self will guide you to live your best life. I have learned that unconditionally loving yourself, first and foremost, is the foundation for obtaining love, happiness, and purpose. It sounds so simple, but self-love is often something that is difficult to do these days. We are surrounded by pressures from society, increased by social media, that cause us to obsess over things like our external appearance, how much weight we’ve gained, what possessions we own, and how successful we are. Hawaii was the start of my journey to explore the inner, self-accepting, self-loving part of me.

I am excited to take you all on my journey with me while I explore a much more spiritual outlook on my life. The first lesson I want to share is to learn how to BREATHE, because most of us do not know how to breathe correctly. Below is a video I have created with my amazing yoga instructor Rebeca Brau. By taking 10 minutes each morning to sit, breathe, and connect with yourself, you will start your day more clam, centered, and in tune with your body. <3 




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