Best Baby Swaddle Blankets (All the Details!)


So I’ve been a mom for a hot second. Seven weeks to be exact, so I am definitely not in a place to be giving loads of wisdom. 😉 But what I have learned is that you just don’t know what is going to work for your baby until you try it. Someone can SWEAR by something that you HAVE to get it; but you know what, your baby might not like it!

When it came to swaddle blankets I had registered for three different kinds and thought I was being crazy (who needs three types of swaddles?). Welp one week later when Luca was having a really hard time settling down at night, a friend brought over two more options. And tried them all we did! Luca doesn’t necessarily have one “ride or die” swaddle blanket that we only use, I like a few different kinds for various reasons. And your baby (or baby-to-come or friend’s baby) will probably have to trial a few options as well! So instead of giving you an opinion, I am going to run through a description of the five swaddles I have (which seem to be the most popular) to help you make a decision when choosing. That way you don’t need to get all five. 😉




 By Dr. Harvey Karp of The Happiest Baby.

Really quick and easy to put on. 

Baby’s arms stay snug by their sides so they don’t break out.

Zips from the top and bottom for easy diaper changes.

Quiet velcro which is amazing for when they are asleep! 

This is my favorite swaddle for keeping your baby snug with their arms down and in place. Luca does not break out of the SleepPea and get his hand stuck in an uncomfortable position. 

the happiest baby swaddle 



 Moisture-wicking fabric to prevent overheating (*my favorite fabric) 

One size fits all until the baby can roll over 

Can swaddle baby with arms in and out

Bottom opens for easy diaper changes

This is my favorite fabric out of all the swaddles. It’s SO soft. This swaddle is completely customizable to how tight you want your baby wrapped, however I find it a little difficult to get it just right while in a hurry. 





 You can swaddle your baby’s arms three ways; in, one arm out or both arms out.

Easy to put on. 

Roomy in the legs for the baby to be able to kick.

Zips from the bottom up for easy diaper changes.

 This is my favorite swaddle for daytime use when Luca needs a little extra input, but still wants to move his arms and kick his legs. It does have a lot of fabric, which can bunch up around his chin at times if not wrapped low enough.




 A Swaddle Up design to mimic your baby’s behavior in the womb.

Allows baby to move their hands to mouth for self soothing. 

Extremely easy to put on. 

Zips from the bottom up for easy diaper changes.

This is another option I personally like for daytime use because it allows the baby to get their hands to their mouth and have more free range of motion while still feeling snug and secure! Plus it’s the easiest to put on. Some research however is in favor for arms down when sleeping. 





 Very easy to put on. 

Soft 100% cotton fabric. 

Only swaddles arms in. 

No zipper, so baby must be fully taken out of swaddle for diaper changes.

Comes in three sizes, so you need to buy new ones as the baby grows.

Loud velcro. 

I actually do like this swaddle! It’s cozy and fairly easy to put on; however Luca’s arms do tend wriggle free from his sides. Also no bottom zipper for diaper changes and the fact that your baby will continue to grow out of each size makes this one the least convenient.  




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