Best Vegan Eats in Manhattan


Manhattan. You are really too good. Not only do you have some of the best food in the world, you also cater to all of our dietary needs.

If you are vegan and want to order something besides a salad when you’re out to dinner, you’re in luck. New vegan restaurants are popping up all over NYC, and they have some pretty serious menus. Plus, some of these spots are so good they are attracting all you meat eaters out to dig in.


When is comes to by CHLOE, ignore what we just said about vegan restaurants not being trendy. by CHOLE is a vegan, all natural, plant-based restaurant that you probably can’t get into because it’s so popular right now. Their menu is made up of all your comfort favorites, turned vegan.  We’re talking mac & cheese, kale and artichoke dip, pesto meatballs and ice cream. This is probably why they are drawing a wider crowd; it sounds “normal.” 🙂 Oh and if it wasn’t amazing already, chef Chloe Coscarelli is the cutest. 

What to order: The Guac Burger 

Just may turn anyone into a vegetable lover. Although they are technically a vegetarian restaurant, they can make any dish vegan and/or gluten free if you ask! They became so popular that they just recently moved locations to accommodate more tables. Who knew vegetable dishes would be in such high demand. 😉

What to order: Corn Broil

Candle 79 is the vegan mainstay.  It was the first and, arguably, still among the best vegan restaurants around. Their menu is always seasonal, organic, and from local farms. We wouldn’t call it “trendy,” but our vegan friends tell us it’s usually pretty crowded. Make a res here for more of a formal night out.

What to order: Seitan Piccata

“Everything is vegetarian, a lot is accidentally vegan.” Superiority Burger has legit like seven things on their menu, including a bomb vegan burger. The owner was originally a chef at Del Posto. The staff loved his veggie burgers so much that he opened this little joint in the East Village. It definitely qualifies as trendy (woo!), but it’s more of a take-out place.

What to order: Superiority Burger (vegan version)

Angelica Kitchen warms our hearts. They have an amazing organic, plant-based menu thanks to their gratitude and respect for the environments and local farmers. They’ve been around since 1976 and are still going strong. They are clearly doing something right.

What to order: The Dragon Bowl for a classic, well-rounded dish or the New School Tofu Sandwich

You like falafel? Great, because this is the place for you. Taim is a middle eastern vegetarian restaurant owned by a husband and wife team. Their falafel is gluten free, and they asterisk* anything on their menu that contains dairy or eggs for vegan diners. Check them out in Nolita or the West Village. 

What to order: Falafel Sandwich

Head to the East Village for some upscale vegan dining at this new vegan hot spot. They are here to prove that vegan food should taste like vegan food, and still be freaking delicious.

What to order: Farro Risotto

Ladies, put on your favorite maxi because you’re going to be sitting on the floor. Hangawi is a beautiful Korean restaurant that serves balanced vegetarian and vegan meals. And although their food is delicious, visit this space for the tranquility. Their goal is create a dining  experience for both the body and the mind. 

What to order: Organic Quinoa and Crispy Kale Stone Bowl 

Peacefood Cafe is a vegan restaurant and bakery with more of a “cafe” feel. Their menu has a lot of variety, from pizzas and sandwiches to raw sushi rolls and smoothies. Peaceful Cafe is named after the idea that peace begins on your plate. We would pick it for a lunch spot. 

What to order: Green Thai Curry or Raw Lasagna 

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