Body Image and My SLT Summer Challenge

Body Image and My SLT Summer Challenge

Let’s talk body image. 

I feel like we all have our own story when it comes to body image. Mine goes a bit like this.

I grew up fairly thin, partly due to genetics and partly due to the fact that I was a dancer from a really young age. The whole like, long lean muscle thing; I had that. And I never had to watch what I ate. Looking back I don’t really remember caring too much about food? I was pretty picky and ate what I needed to, but it was a typical 90’s American diet. I def had Hostess in my lunchbox. 


Then I got to college, and around sophomore year my metabolism wasn’t what it used to be. That, or I was partying way too hard and eating way too many calzones after the hours of 1am (Thank you UConn). I was also on my college dance team; so although I was still dancing, the way I was treating my body couldn’t keep up. I had never stepped foot in a gym in my life. So I used to do the elliptical for like 15 minutes, a few sit-ups, and then congratulate myself on a great workout. Hello Sophomore 10! I gained around 10lbs, my jeans didn’t fit, and I needed to do something about it fast if I was going to be dancing in front of 10 thousand people in spandex. So I extreme dieted (obviously). Egg whites and ketchup were a go-to, or I would just eat a bagel for a “light dinner.”  I ended up losing the weight; not by being healthy at all but by limiting calories. This left me with a soft stomach that I legit could not get rid of, no matter how many sit-ups I did. 


So now I’m older, WAYYYY healthier and happier with my body. However the soft stomach issue was still something that bothered me. Like I eat so healthy, workout all the time, and I STILL could not get a super toned stomach. You obviously know the girls who workout in sports bras (in NYC they are everywhere). I like half hated them, more than half envied them because I never felt comfortable working out in a sports bra myself. 

So I decided to make that my goal. I would dedicate myself to one workout studio for five weeks, with the goal of turning my midsection into something I personally felt super comfortable with. 

I chose SLT because of what it stands for STRENGTHEN, LENGTHEN, TONE. I wanted to be toned; not bulky. I wanted to stay flexible but get stronger, and I wanted to be challenged. More on my experience with SLT here!


Results are everything. Take a look at my before and after picture, I only lost a few lbs, but my stomach is definitely different. On the left is me my first class, I had a soft midsection even though I was working out at that time! On the right is my last class. I am much more toned! My waist is also much more trim and if I flexed my arm you would be like damn girl! I have muscles. 🙂 And more importantly I got so much stronger. A plank series that I could barely do in the beginning I was able to hold for (almost) the whole time. 😉 There is something about being strong that really boosts your inner confidence. 

So thank you SLT for being a fitness studio that worked for ME. The classes will make you work your ass off, but you get the results they promise! 

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