Why I Chose The Halo Bassinest

halo bassinest

Why I Chose The Halo Bassinet 

The day we brought Luca home from the hospital was surreal to say the least. One minute you are living the kid-free life you’ve known for years and the next you are sitting on your couch with a three day old like; now what? 🙂

Going to bed the first night with him was the most intimidating part. We had two nights in the hospital with nurses on call anytime we had a concern (basically anytime he cried) and now it was just us. We had the Halo Bassinest set up and ready to go on my side of the bed, said a prayer, and stuck him in there. 

So this is what I love about the Halo Bassinest. Anytime he made a peep that first night I could just take the bassinet and either lower the side wall or swivel it over my body to check on him. I was SUPER sore after delivery, so not needing to physically get up was amazing. Even now, not needing to get out of bed is amazing. 🙂 Then if I needed to take him out, the side wall closest to me lowered down, allowing me to easily pick him up with little strain or disturbance for both him or me.

halo bassinest

I’m back to feeling like my normal self, and Lou and I don’t jump at every peep anymore; but Luca still wakes up multiple times a night at this age to be changed, fed or snuggled. So not only is the swivel action a savior, but the Halo Bassinest Luxe Plus series also has features including a nightlight and floor light (so I can see what I’m doing), two levels of vibration, and six sound options for soothing. It also has a storage caddy for all the essentials I need. The sides are mesh which provides maximum breathability and the opportunity for me to be able to peek in while still lying down. I am also using the newborn insert which provides extra support and input on the sides to keep him nice and snug. 🙂

halo bassinest

Luca also loves the Halo SleepSack swaddle! What’s nice about this swaddle is you can easily wrap your baby with their arms down by their sides or out and free. I always swaddle his arms down to sleep at night; but during the day if I find he needs some extra snugness while awake I’ll swaddle him with his arms so he can move his arms and mouth his hands. It also unzips from the bottom so I don’t need to take the whole thing off to change his diaper. Major bonus at 3am!

halo bassinest

There are a ton of bassinet options out there ranging from super cheap to really expensive. I find the Halo Bassinest is a great quality middle option! It has way more features than a standard bassinet to make nighttime easier for both the baby and the parents, but won’t put a massive dent in your wallet. Now I just need Luca to sleep through the night. 😉


halo bassinest

Halo Luxe Plus Bassinest Features 

 Rotates 360 degrees for convenience and safety 

Adjustable height so your baby is visible at eye level. 

Mesh walls for maximum breathability.

Nightlight and floor light

Storage caddy to keep all your baby’s essentials  

3 soothing sounds and 3 lullabies

2 levels of vibration

  Photography: J. Stud Studio

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