Clean Cleanse Approved Snacks


Snacks. 🙂

One of the many things the Clean Program’s Clean Cleanse aims to do is to teach you how to recognize when you are truly hungry. And they don’t mean learning how to eat less. What they do mean is learning how to recognize a craving vs. hunger.

We all hit those times during the day when we crave a snack. Maybe it’s because we are dehydrated, maybe it’s because we are bored, or maybe we are actually hungry. The Clean Program suggests before diving into the snack drawer at your office, drink some water and engage in an activity to take your mind off of food for about 15-20 minutes. This could be finishing up a work project, taking a walk, reading In Touch magazine or going to get a mani. Then after the time passes, if you are still hungry go for something healthy. Pick a snack with nutrition that you know your body needs. If you would pass up carrots and hummus, but would totally crush a bag of chips, you’re probably not that hungry. 😉



Clean Cleanse Approved SnacksClean Cleanse Approved Snacks

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