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Alyssa and I are excited to start Clean Gut tomorrow! For those of you who are also starting Clean Gut with the Clean Program’s “group cleanse,” be sure to check out our blog over the next 21 days for recipes and lifestyle tips!

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Totally fine! 🙂 Dr. Junger, who created Clean Gut, is a cardiologist and functional medicine doctor who believes that all of us, whether we are symptomatic or not, have built up some amount of bad bacteria, yeast, and/or parasites in our “gut” or digestive system due to the processed foods that we eat and the environment that we live in. This is causing discomfort, poor digestion, bloating and more importantly contributing to the disease epidemic in our society. There is, of course, way more that goes into this. If you’re interested, we suggest you read his book Clean Gut.

This program is a 21-day cleanse that involves cutting out foods that feed bacteria and yeast as well as foods that are difficult to digest (i.e. gluten, dairy, processed foods, most fruit, sugar, etc.). This leaves you with a list of easy to digest, low-sugar foods. It also involves “repairing” the gut by taking probiotics, natural vitamins and supplements to promote good bacteria/flora and healthy digestion. You can buy the Clean Gut kit through the Clean Program, or just purchase the supplements at your local health food store. Either way is fine!

Whether you are interested in the cleanse or frankly do not care at all, all of our recipes for the next 21 days will be low glycemic, low carb, and super easy to digest.  They are mostly made up of vegetables and proteins, and therefore good for anyone looking to be healthy! An example of a Clean Gut recipe is our Turkey Sausage and Kale Soup. Bet you were eating this all along and didn’t know it was good for your gut! 😉

Happy Cleasning Everyone! Excited to begin this journey with you all. And if you’re not cleansing.. have a chocolate cake for me please.

Maria & Alyssa


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  • I am so happy to hear that you are both starting the clean gut cleanse tomorrow. I will also be starting and was hoping to have an easy place to find tasty recipe ideas. I have visited your blog many times for tasty, clean recipe ideas. Thank you for sharing.

  • Hi – love your blog!

    I know you guys have done the clean program twice. I just finished my first one ten days ago. Question – how was your experience transitioning off? I think I failed miserably at it by introducing in my foods way too quickly/together (red meat, tomatoes, bananas, some cheese etc) and I have splotchy skin that I never used to. I’m feeling like I have to go BACK to the elimination diet and reintroduce foods again. Ah!

    • Thanks Angela! So you probably introduced food too fast like you said 🙂 It also looks like you might have an allergy/intolerance you didn’t know about before. The best thing to do is introduce a food and wait 3 days before introducing something new. That way you can see how your body tolerates it. I would go back on the elimination diet for 7-10 days and then reintroduce those foods one at time and see what you find!

  • HELLO Dr. Junger
    Iam Panamanian female 62 years old, almost for thirthy years 30 suffering with gastrointestinal problem and is only three years ago I have been diagnocty of and intoolerance and allergic to gluten . I will try to be brief in my comment I READ your book of intestinal clean and i interest to do follow this procedure but this sickness made I get low weigted and I will like to do it but gaine weight .I hope heard from you soon GOD bless you.

    Thank You from Ina