What I’m Eating My Second Trimester


What I’m Eating My Second Trimester

I am in my second trimester and I’m feeling so good! Remember my first trimester? Probably not because I was throwing up every day and eating bagels while hiding behind pictures of salads on my Instagram account. Fun times. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It actually really upset me that couldn’t fuel my body with the nutrients I was used to eating. Then I hit week 16 I started to feel like a new person. Although I could have easily continued ordering bagels every weekend (I was really getting used to that), I recognized that I am growing a little human inside of me and I needed to start fueling my body with nutritious foods that would be benefit both of us. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now I’m not saying I don’t eat bagels anymore, or pizza or ice cream. If you are new to S4B, we have a very balanced, stress-free/label-free approach to healthy eating. However, I can definitely see the urge to eat unhealthy when pregnant. There’s this weird underlying pretense of like “I deserve” to eat whatever I want because I’m pregnant. My belly is also growing outward whether I am eating kale or mac & cheese, so there’s the whole like “welp, I’m just getting bigger anyway!” thought process. But again, when my body is craving protein or sugar or just straight up calories, I try to first think about what I should be eating. What would this little guy benefit from? More often than not I grab fruit instead of ice cream, or make organic eggs instead of ordering a cheeseburger. There are times where I still eat those things of course, but if I am in a situation where I can easily control the choice I go for the healthier option.

I’ve been doing my research on the pregnancy superfoods that I should be incorporating into my diet. I’m trying my best to get them in! And these aren’t just great for pregnancy, they are awesome for everyone. ๐Ÿ™‚

Below is what I am eating my second trimester! I listed a basic rundown of some of my easy, weekly “routine” meals. Again this is totally personal, I don’t expect anyone else to eat the same things as me. And please note my lunches are very sad. I don’t get a lunch break at my job at the school, and therefore I need something that is quick, doesn’t need to be heated, and can be eaten with a four year old. Please do better than me at lunch. ๐Ÿ™‚




Egg Yolks

Fortified Cereal

Kale & Spinach



Chia Seeds

Organic Grass-Fed Beef





Red Peppers

Sweet Potato




green plant-based protein smoothie

2 pieces of sprouted toast, one with almond butter and one with coconut butter and avocado

superfood muesli with almond milk and an additional sprinkle of hemp seeds

Joe’s O’s fortified cereal with chopped banana and almond milk

overnight oats or baked oatmeal

gluten free protein pancakes

plain greek yogurt with berries and chia seeds



1 plain 2% greek yogurt, superfood muesli and a piece of fruit

a big salad with walnuts, avocado and olive oil and sea salt for dressing

For the Love of Kale Salad from Juice Press 



Siete chips and hummus or guacamole

hard boiled eggs

fresh fruit (cantaloupe is my craving!)

roasted chickpeas

sprouted nuts

date balls

plant-based protein bars 



2 organic eggs on brown rice cakes with hummus and avocado, side of marinated kale

chickpea pasta with pesto or Rao’s sauce, roasted veggies and organic chicken sausage

SoCal turkey burger in a collard greens wrap from Bareburger

brown rice avocado roll and brown rice veggie roll with a miso soup

(I also am eating all the new meals I post to the blog every week, so dinner varies!)



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