Filling the Void


I love to fill voids. 

I’m feeling lonely? There is ice cream for that.

Needing some attention? I’ve got guys for that.

Ladies, this is an example of what is most likely not the best thing to do. But I do it. And I’m sure a lot of you do too. I’ve been really diving deep as to why I look to the exterior world to satisfy me and why I literalllyyy squirm when my needs aren’t being met. This can also be why we hold on to past relationships that we know are no longer serving us. But when there is no one else at the moment then the attention from him at least feels better than being alone. Right? 😉

So then how do we create space for the universe to do its work?

We sit there wanting him to text us at 8pm, thinking that is what will make us happy. But wait; what if the universe has an entirely different, amazing, plan for us? Like Brad Pitt from the 90’s is just waiting to come in but you’re over there obsessing, controlling, and thinking you know what’s best for your life.

So with this, we step aside. We step aside and let the universe take the wheel. We meditate, journal, do yoga, be kind to everyone we meet, feel deeply, be present, and live from our heart center. We create our own lives. By doing this, we let go of control and create space for the new. This opens up so many doors for us. The challenge is, when we are tested (because we always are), we choose the different path. So when he texts “hey babe, netflix and chill?” we tell him we have plans. We stay in our hearts and feel into any pain that arises. This shows to the universe we trust and are willing to see things differently. We are breaking our conditioned patterns, letting healing occur, and creating space for all that the universe has in store for us. 🙂

Here are some more details on a meditation healing practice that I love. 




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