Discover your inner magic

Discover your inner magic
I’ve been talking a lot about the shadow self on the blog because awareness of this part of ourselves is so important in deepening the connection within and growing our spiritual practice. What I find fascinating about the shadow is that it is an area of ourselves we can explore to find the root causes behind our conditioned patterns. It is why we act out of fear,think judgemental thoughts towards ourselves and others, and are negatively triggered by certain peoples behavior. Some people may experience these patterns deeper than others, but our shadow self lingers within all of us. It is what refrains us from finding true self love and living to our highest potential. But with our shadow also comes our LIGHT (hallelujah!) And we can find our light, our highest selves, the same way we find our shadow, by going WITHIN. Do I sound like the Red Woman from Game of Thrones. 😉
Projection is unconsciously attributing qualities (both good and bad!) onto other people, while not realizing they are the qualities which are in ourselves. Projection is a passageway to discovering all that is within us by becoming aware of what we see in others. It is a way to discovering our light. 🙂
So basically we project our light onto other people! When we see someone who we want to emulate it is because we are seeing qualities that exist within us. The aspect that we love in someone else, no matter how great, is actually just a piece of us that we are projecting onto them. There is no quality in someone else that you are attracted to that is not within YOU. We are all a mirror of ourselves. Literally.
This concept has been one of the hardest for me to wrap my mind around. When going through a break up, my spiritual teacher kept telling me that HE was within me. He was me. And I was like, “say whatt?”
But I now understand what she was trying to tell me. I was projecting! All of the qualities that I loved in him, were actually just a projection of those qualities within me (you can also think of this with what you don’t like too). So instead of giving him or the other person all of the credit, we can take back our light and use it as a powerful force to move forward in accomplishing all that we dream of. Manifest the qualities you know that are buried deep within you to be brought up and out! 
Pick a celebrity that you idolize. Let’s say Beyonce. What are the qualities that you love about her? Maybe it’s that she’s confident, bold, charismatic, sexy.Whatever you admire in this person, is the disowned part of YOU that wants to come out. It is your inner magic! Use them, or someone else you love, as your mirror to find the hidden aspects of yourself and an opportunity to take back your own life.
Once we have the awareness that in this very moment, it is all within, we will work on peeling the layers to bring HER (or him!) out. 🙂
Discover your inner magic

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