Five Items You Need In Your Pantry

Five Items You Need In Your Pantry

Healthy eating is our hobby. Some people knit, or make jewelry or binge watch Bravo, but we like to research how to make new healthy recipes and blog about them. 🙂

We weren’t always healthy eaters. I mean we were “healthy” in terms of like, we didn’t eat fast food or Cheetos on our couch (sober). However, we were definitely victims of buying “fat free” processed foods with the lowest amount of calories yet the highest amount of hidden crap because we wanted to be skinny.

So it’s taken us years to make all the changes from foods like Special K cereal for breakfast to a green protein smoothie. We’ve also learned to bake with healthy ingredients, incorporate things like chia seeds into our daily routine, and overall just sort out what is good for us and what isn’t, despite what the label says. 

My one of my best friends from UConn recently came to visit me for the weekend. Just to preface, we had our fair share of late night calzones in our college years, and anytime she hears anyone say “they need something sweet after dinner” she thinks of me. So one of the first things she mentioned was how it must be so easy for me to cook and bake healthy because I have all the ingredients that she would never even think to buy. So (there is a point to my rant) it gave me the idea to share my must-have ingredients for those of you who want to make some healthy changes and are unsure of where to start!



Plant Based Protein

Whether you add it to your morning smoothie or post-workout shake, an easy source of good protein is key. Our favorite brands are Vega, Clean and Naked. We add one scoop to our green smoothie every morning to start our day out with 20 grams of protein to power us through until lunch. 

Almond Flour

Gluten intolerant or not, blanched white flour just isn’t good for anyone. Learning to bake pancakes, muffins, cookies, breaded chicken and more with almond flour or any other nut based flour is a great substitution that is lower in carbs, and higher in protein and fiber.  

Almond/Cashew Milk

We switched from dairy milk to almond milk about four years ago and haven’t looked back. With the hormones and antibiotics in today’s dairy product, we stick with dairy-free milk which we find to be creamier and taste better!  

Flaxseed Meal and Chia Seeds

This is the easiest stuff to have on hand for a boost of fiber in your day. Sprinkle it into your smoothies, over your salad, or in your yogurt and oatmeal for added nutritional benefits to the foods you’re already eating! You can also make any baked good vegan by replacing the eggs with chia eggs.

Coconut Palm Sugar/Raw Honey/Maple Syrup/Stevia

 These are the only sweeteners I have in my apartment, and the best to bake with! These guys are just straight up natural, so I like to use them instead! 

Photos by Vanessa Granda

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