Five Tips For a Flatter Stomach

Five Tips For a Flatter Stomach

I think we should first just take a second to acknowledge genetics. We all know those girls who “gain weight,” and their stomachs stay flat as a damn board. Then we have the girls, like myself, who only gain weight in a tire form around their waist. It’s fun.

So we’ve developed a list of 5 tips that will help flatten your tummy, with or without the genes. 😉

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1. Have soup for dinner.

When we need a flat stomach fast, we replace our nightly dinners with puréed soup. Because our soups are typically made up of vegetables and broth, they are super light, healthy and really low in sugar.  Healthy soups are also much easier for your body to digest than solid meals. So replace your typical dinner with soup for a week, and stick to liquid for the rest of the night. Your stomach will be flatter in the morning. 🙂

2. Drink a shit ton of water.

We all know we need to drink a lot of water. But if you are not one of those who actually drinks at least 8 glasses of water a day, start chugging. Water improves digestion and helps flush everything out of your body that might cause bloating. It will also keep you from grabbing food when you’re actually just thirsty. Try adding your favorite fruits to your water for a more flavorful and refreshing taste. You’re going to pee every five minutes until your body adjusts, but your stomach will thank you. 🙂

3. Replace your coffee with green tea.

According to research studies, drinking 2-4 cups of green tea per day can help boost your metabolism and flatten out that belly. Green tea contains catechins, which is a type of antioxidant that helps burn fat cells. So replace your morning coffee with green tea, and then throw back another cup or two. Like drinking water, it will also prevent you from grabbing extra snacks throughout the day.

4. Use your core.

Sit ups aren’t the the only thing to get a strong core. We use our core in almost everything that we do. Start with your posture. So while you’re walking around, running up the subway stairs, or sitting at your desk, don’t be a schlump and tighten your core. It will not only help your posture but your stomach muscles too. 

5. Use the 12 hour rule. 

Leading up to your “I need a flat stomach and fast” event, go 12 hours between dinner and breakfast. So if you eat dinner at 8pm (which will be soup) then breakfast won’t be until 8am. This allows your body time to digest what it needs to without you continuing to eat, which creates more work. When your body is done digesting dinner, it can use the remaining time to work on detoxing everything else that’s built up in there. It will also help put a kibosh on late night snacking. 🙂

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