Foods That Saved Me During My First Trimester


Let’s talk about first trimester survival. I am so so excited to be pregnant, but my first trimester was really rough, and the first few weeks of my second haven’t been a trip either. Think about feeling super hungover all day long, but not being able to say, “but last night was soooo fun,” because nothing fun happened last night. Like, I was in bed by 8pm. 

I literally couldn’t even look at my own Instagram feed without feeling nauseas, let alone cook with kale. So the whole Spinach for Breakfast thing was a serious struggle. I had such a hard time emotionally not being able to eat well. I felt like out of all of the times in my life when I should be noursuhing my body with the healthiest foods possible, all I could manage to get down was bread, crackers and sour hard candy. Worst. Mom. Ever.

I had a chat with my doctor and she was like listen, you are in survival mode. You need to eat what your body can handle, get enough calories, and stay hydrated. In time things will start to shift. I had lost about 5lbs by week eight, and started putting less pressure on myself. I decided that if bread and carbs were what I needed to get through the day, then I might as well look for the healthiest alternatives.

Below are the products that saved me! They are great options for anyone looking for healthy swaps when they are craving carbs. I also added in fruit, organic cheese and eggs whenever I could!

First Trimester Saviors


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