Healthy Foods That Might Be Making You Bloated


healthy foods that make you bloated

Bloating. Ugh. Story of my lifeeeee. 

Since my freshman year of college I have been struggling with bloating, poor digestion, and abdominal distention. I originally blamed it on cheap beer and a poor diet, but I am long out of college, much healthier, and I still have issues. I understand when I get bloated after eating pizza because my body has a hard time digesting gluten, but then why do I still get bloated when I am eat super healthy? What I am learning is that there are healthy foods that also cause bloating. So annoying. 

If you are also having issues with the bloat, you might want to try eliminating certain foods and then adding them back in one at a time. Typically I eliminate target foods for 21 days (just because that’s what the Clean Program does, and I trust them with my soul), but even a solid week should do the trick. Good foods to initially eliminate are gluten, dairy, coffee, sugar, and foods with any processed ingredients. 

If that’s not enough to solve the root of your issues, take a look at this list of healthy foods that might also be making you bloatedIf you‘ve read my recent post on my GI issues, you know I discovered some of the causes of my symptoms; healthy foods included.  

We also added a list of food you might want to eat more of to help decrease bloating. Think peppermint tea after a kale salad. Again, we are all different so I can’t say what will work for you (still trying to figure out what works best for me!), but the more we are in touch with our bodies the better we can control how good we feel. 🙂


Healthy Foods That Might Make You Bloated





Brussels Sprouts





Artificial Sweeteners (xylitol, sorbitol, mannitol)




Large amounts of Alcohol

Carrageenan (found in milk alternatives and some dairy products)





Bloat Busters

Peppermint Tea





Yogurt (if you are not lactose intolerant)

Cucumber and Celery



Water with Lemon/Apple Cider Vinegar

Spicy Foods (Cayenne Pepper, hot sauce, etc)



healthy foods that make you bloated healthy foods that make you bloated

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  • I could have written this! Thank you for this list. I feel like everything makes me bloated and it causes me a lot of anxiety around eating and how bad I’ll feel after.

    Last year, I discovered that I’m lactose intolerant and learned that you can eat yogurt with active cultures because they do the digesting of the lactose for you. I eat a helping of homemade greek yogurt every day with live cultures and have no issues with it!