Healthy Snacks on Amazon Prime

Healthy Snacks on Amazon Prime

My boss called me into his office the other day and was eating twist pretzels from that jumbo container you get from like Costco. He then proceeds to say “Alyssa! What do I eat for a snack that’s healthy??” 

I laughed and started thinking about all the recipes on our blog. However, knowing my boss, he isn’t going to be making muffins or date balls and storing them in his desk drawer. He wants something he can buy and easily grab when he’s getting a “sugar low” during the day. 

We’ve all been there; and what we all want is convenience. So if you live next to Whole Foods or a health food store and are educated on what’s best to buy, awesome. If not, the options could be tricky. It’s easy to go for things like Clif bars or 100 calorie packs, but they are actually loaded with sugar and processed ingredients. While it may give you instant gratification, it ultimately isn’t helping with your long-term energy. 

So what are the best things to *buy* that are actually healthy? And we’re talking packaged foods (fruits and veggies are a given!). Things we can order on Amazon Prime. I don’t know about you guys but I Amazon Prime everythinggg. No need to be running around to a million stores looking. If it’s not at the health market outside my building, it’s coming in a cardboard box. 

So here are my fave healthy snacks you can buy right on Amazon Prime. Convenient and healthy for everyone, no matter where you live!  Happy ordering. 🙂




Healthy Snacks on Amazon Prime

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Healthy Snacks on Amazon Prime

oh, and you’ll love these!

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