How The Most Innovative Fridge Keeps My Family Organized

I survive by staying organized! Between working as a speech pathologist where I manage my own private practice, running Spinach for Breakfast with my sister, and being a mom to an 8 month old, if I’m not organized my life pretty much ends up in shambles. Just kidding; but it’s close. 😉

A big part of our lives revolves around food (of course!). I have meals that I make for us as a family, recipes for the blog, and I also need to make sure that Luca has his own food too. If it all overlaps it’s a win; but it doesn’t always work out that way. Plus my husband travels a lot for work, so I am constantly trying to remember when he will be home for dinner and when I can just make myself eggs. 😉

So how do we keep it all together? Something that has been a HUGE help for us is the Samsung Family Hub. It’s unreal! I can pull up our shared Google calendar (which I refer to constantly!), use their meal planning tool to look up recipe ideas on AllRecipes, Pinterest or Tasty, create grocery shopping lists that sync right to my phone, and use apps like Instacart to order groceries. Basically it’s a computer on my fridge. And since I spend a good portion of my day in the kitchen (who doesn’t!), I use it all the time.

And if I’m not in reach of the fridge, iit’s voice activated! Bixby is her name and she’s basically my personal assistant. I can have her add items to a grocery list while I am thinking of them, she will give me a daily memo of anything I have scheduled for the day, and will turn on some tunes when I need to groove a bit in the kitchen. Oh, and the best part is, everything syncs to your phone! You can even look inside your fridge while you are at the grocery store to see if you remembered to buy eggs last time or not. I know! But it’s the fridge of the future. 🙂

So thank you Samsung for creating something that makes my life as a working mom so much easier. And if this didn’t happen already, for bringing everyone together in the kitchen.

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