How to Make a Candlescape

How to Make a Candlescape

If you have ever been to my apartment, you know my love for candlescapes. They are legit everywhere. For me, candles have a more meaningful purpose beyond just a decoration. My apartment is my oasis from the city. I turn on Deva Premal Pandora, light some candlescapes and incense, and practice meditation and breath work. It’s one of my secrets for staying heart-centered and connected to myself. 

So whether you are looking to deepen the connection with your soul, or you just need a centerpiece for your coffee table, here are my go to tips for how to make the perfect candlescape. 🙂



Step 1: Find the Base.

Start by finding the perfect base for your candlescape. This is the fun part because you can really get creative with the look and size of the tray you want. Homegoods always has a great variety that are pretty cheap. I personally love the look of round, mirrored trays. If you’re making one for the floor, I would pick one that is on the larger side.

How to Make a Candlescape

Step 2. Find the right candles.

There are so many candle options out there, but you don’t need to over-think it. I personally love the Chesapeak Bay Candles that you can find at Homegoods. They are anywhere from $4 – $30 depending on the size. Make sure they are unscented or fragrance free! I love the crisp white candles, but I also have a two-toned beige candlescape in my bedroom that looks great. It’s all your personal preference!


Step 3: How many and what sizes?

Now it’s time to put this thing together. You want to get different sized candles that all fit nicely together. You can go for a taller or shorter scape, depending on where you are putting it in your home. I start with the taller candles and then build it down from there. I love to incorporate candles with different widths as well. The medium height wide candles are my favorite. 


Step 4. Handle with care.

It’s important to take care of your candles so you don’t burn right through them. So before your first light, make sure to cut all the wicks in half. Once you light them, they need to burn for 4 hours. Don’t make my mistake and light them late at night. Then you”ll be setting your alarm to wake up and blow them out. 🙂 After each light, or before the next, make sure to continue to cut the wick in half to keep them from burning too fast. This is key! Note: below is an example of uncut wicks. 🙂


Step 5. Zen Out.

Turn off your lights, light some incense if you’re into that, sit in silence or play some heart-centering music, and enjoy! Moments like these are what keeps us in our hearts. You can also practice your breathing if you want to take things to the next level. 🙂 

How to Make a Candlescape

Photos by Daniela Spector

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