I Detoxed for 21 Days and Here’s What Happened

I Detoxed for 21 Days and Here's What Happened

Unless you are a first timer on S4B, you probably know I’ve been participating in the Clean Program’s cleanse for the past three weeks. In a nutshell, this program includes cutting out gluten, dairy, sugar, processed ingredients, alcohol and coffee for 21 days. In addition to the elimination diet, you have a smoothie for breakfast and dinner, and a solid lunch. Sounds impossible, but I did it and I feel pretty damn good. 🙂

Here are my personal results. Please note this varies for everyone. I typically eat a pretty clean diet, so although the Clean Program is definitely not my typical day to day routine, it’s not drastically far off. I also minorly cheated two times; both during social occasions that I probably could have avoided but chose not to. Just keepin’ it real. 

PS: Stay tuned for Alyssa’s cleanse confession. 🙂




This is the area I’ve noticed the biggest difference. I no longer need coffee or tea in the morning to function during the day. I’m not saying I wouldn’t sleep until 9am if I could, but the reliance is completely gone. 


Although this isn’t a “diet,” I did lose 5lbs in total. Lou also lost 4lbs in five days. Kid didn’t know what hit him. 😉


This is the entire reason I do the Clean Program. I have horrible digestion; something I’ve spent years trying to figure out with GI doctors and on my own. I will say my digestion definitely improves while on the program. It’s never consistently amazing, but that’s just something I’ve gotten used to. The Clean Program way of eating is something I always revert back to when I’m not feeling my best, and I’m fortunate that it has taught me so much about my body and what specifically works for me. 🙂


All in all I feel really effing healthy. Just knowing over the past 21 days I’ve been fueling my body with only nutritious foods is just as mentally satisfying as it is physically. It’s also a lifestyle change for a reason. So now that the program is over, I still have a smoothie in the morning and a really healthy lunch. What changes is a solid meal for dinner, and never saying “I can’t have that.” It’s all in moderation. 🙂



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  • Love it! I am so glad you love the 21-day clean program cleanse and your results are just what I feel every time I have done it. I am on the 21-day now, day 4 and I am already reaping the benefits. Thank you for the great recipes!

  • Feeling healthy is tRUly addictive, isn’t it?! That is why i eat clean 99% of the time! I did a Detox diet about 10 years to figure out what i was intolerant to…i Had to give up my daily espressos (i had just returned from living in Taly for 4 yeArs so this was very difficult for me!) But, i did it and was actually surpised at How much energy i had All day. Nowadays i enJoy homemade eSPresso twice a day…and i’m not ready to give it ip again 😉

    • So funny Lisa, I just had my first small cup of coffee yesterday after not having it for three weeks and I couldn’t BELIEVE the effect it had! Normally i would have needed a large and then a second one later. It’s nice to give our bodies a break 🙂