I Took SLT For A Month And Here’s What Happened


For the first month of our fitness studio feature, I decided to jump right into what might be known as one of the more challenging studios in NYC. SLT, founded by Amanda Freeman, stands for strengthen, lengthen and tone. You might think ok cool, I’ve taken pilates. Girl, think again. This shit is on a Megaformer with straps and bungee cords coming out of all ends. At the end of the 50 minute workout your legs will be shaking and your core will not be able to handle one more second of a plank.

Did I love it? I’m obsessed. SLT forces you to work hard. Because the base of the Megaformer slides back and forth with resistance, you are working hard just to keep it stable. 

I will say SLT takes 3-4 classes to get the hang of. The class moves fast, and the instructors expect you to work. They are also not going to waste the time of the people who have been taking class for months to break down every single movement for the new people. Because of this, I highly suggest taking an intro class. By my seventh class I was like oh my god I am totally an SLT betch now. I feel accomplished. 

Take SLT in Soho anytime before 5:30pm and you will be surrounded by models. Nothin’ like standing next to a 5’10 girl who probably weights 120lbs for some good old motivation. But again, think about why models take this class. You are burning serious calories and toning your entire body without any risk of bulking. 

The few downsides to SLT is the cost and the class slot availability. I personally feel you need to take SLT 2-3 times per week (if that is your only workout) to notice some serious body changes. But $40 per class is no joke. And because these classes are really intimate, trying to get in between the hours of 5:30-7:30pm is impossible unless you book way in advance. 

Overall, I absolutely recommend this class to anyone looking for an amazing toning workout. You won’t leave drenched in sweat (despite burning up to 700 calories), but you will leave sore AF. You might feel a little intimidated your first class, but just dive right in and do what you can (safely) or take the intro class. It takes a few classes to get the hang of it, so grab a girlfriend and try it out together. 🙂



 Intimate class setting

 Guaranteed amazing toning workout 

Burns around 700 calories per class

Improves flexibility

Pushes you to work your hardest 



Difficulty getting into classes after work due to availability

Takes 3-4 classes to get the technique down


I Took SLT For A Month And Here's What HappenedI Took SLT For A Month And Here's What HappenedI Took SLT For A Month And Here's What HappenedI Took SLT For A Month And Here's What Happened

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