Last Night’s Full Moon Recap

Last Night's Full Moon Recap

Last night Rebeca and I did a full moon ceremony in my apartment with like a million candles, incense, and sage (def smelled like weed). 

I am not an astrology or full moon expert by any means. I’ve actually only just started to explore this aspect of my spirituality a few months ago, and I’m like sort of obsessed now. I’ve been learning my practice from amazing teachers here in New York, and have been feeling shifts within me happen at a much faster and intense rate. So what better way to channel all of this energy than with a full moon ceremony.

So what is it?

Last night the full moon was in firey Aries. So what does this even mean? Well to put it somewhat simply, this brought about positive, forward energy for dreams and visions, and unearthed new strength within us. But with that, it also brought up and out our lower vibes to be seen, to be purified, and to be integrated. Just as the moon was fully exposed, you were too! Both your light (high vibe) and your shadow (low vibe). Light being your true, purest essence (think of you as a child), and shadow being your conditioned thoughts and patterns (think your darker alter ego). So with last night’s full moon, whatever you may have been repressing was brought up and ready to be embraced and released. Maybe you felt this energy unknowingly! 

Why do it?

For the full moon ceremony, Rebeca and I talked about our own lower vibrations and wrote them down on a piece of paper with the words “I release my… (judgment, insecurities, guilt, etc).” We did a 20-minute guided healing meditation, feeling all that was coming up for us. We then burned our paper to release, let go, and find new strength within.

We know these lower vibrations are in-fact a part of us, so we do not want to shame, run from, or ignore them. We instead want to give them light to overpower and raise to a higher vibration. We want to nourish our bodies with all that is good; positive thoughts, deep healing breaths, and presence, to ultimately be as our highest selves without the pull of our shadows. This will reflect out into our lives and the world, feeling a more sense of grace, joy and ease with all that arises.

Like is this out there?

If you asked me a few years ago, I probably would have rolled my eyes, yet secretly wondered why I never really felt that satisfied. Our health and wellness goes so much further than just the foods we put into our bodies or our workout routine. It all stems from a seed deep within us, and it is not until we put our focus inward that we can begin to then live fully abundant, healthy lives outward. So whether you believe in doing a full moon ceremony, or just getting quiet at times to feel more present, you are tuning to your high vibes to in turn reach your optimum health and sense of being. 🙂




Last Night's Full Moon Recap Last Night's Full Moon Recap

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