Luca’s 12 Month Favorites

12 month favorites

Luca is one! This past year has been longest, shortest year of my life. Giving birth and the few months that followed honestly seem like a lifetime ago. I think those get blocked out of your mind so you keep having more kids. But now I am like how are you such a big boy!?

I am going to try and be better about sharing these monthly updates. Not necessarily about what Luca is doing, (because all babies are different and there is no need to compare milestones) but more on what he is loving at the moment to give anyone some fresh ideas (I am always looking for new ideas too!). I am usually weary about “giving advice,” because like I’m also a new mom so what the hell do I know. But now that Luca is getting a bit older I can tie in some of the things I’ve learned from my almost 10 years of speech therapy practice! In short, I’ve played with a lot of toys. 😉 I want you guys to look at these posts as another friend sharing what her baby is loving. Doesn’t mean your baby will love it, but in my opinion we can use all the ideas we can get!

Below are some of his favorite toys, books, things that go along with eating. 🙂 I linked everything to make it easy for you to take a closer look at. Would also love if you left some of your babies/kids favorites in the comment from when they were one! This parenting thing is definitely a group effort. 😉








12 month favorites 12 month favorites

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