Luca’s Five Month Favorites

I thought it would be fun to start sharing some of Luca’s favorite things each month!  As well as my favorite mama things that make life (a bit) easier. 🙂

For anyone with kids, you know once babies get to be around 5 months they start to really show some personality! It’s so rewarding to see them look for you, smile and laugh. It makes all those really tired moments (like when you’re tired, not the baby) so worth it. Luca is also at the age where he can entertain himself for a little while. We have “stations” in my apartment. Sometimes he lays down on his play mat, other times he’s in an “activity center”, and one of his favorite places is to lie down on the fur blanket on our couch and listen to me sing songs (I have the worst voice, he doesn’t know that yet). He loves to explore new toys by bringing them to his mouth, as well as drool over everything. 🙂

Now, all babies are different! There are also so many different versions/brands of the same thing. But below are the items we personally have and use all the time!

Play Mat

Now that Luca can grab and hold onto toys and bring them to his mouth, these mats are really fun for him. 🙂 This one that I have plays music, which he loves, and you can easily change out what’s hanging from the hooks. I originally bought an all grey one from Pottery Barn, but didn’t think it was stimulating enough (although it matched my apartment perfectly haha). So I switched it out for one with some colors. 


Activity Center

Another “station” I stick Luca in during the day is this activity center. It gets his legs and core working, plus he can spin around and continue to entertain himself with all the different toys. There are a ton of different versions of these!


Halo Sleep Sack

I transitioned Luca out of the Magic Merlin Suit pretty easily! Now he’s in the Halo Sleep Sack which still gives him a little bit of the cozy secure feeling, but he can roll over safely!


Glow in the Dark Pacifier

Ever try and find a pacifier under your kid’s head in the middle of the night? It’s not easy! I love these glow in the dark pacifiers. It makes finding them easy. Removing them, still a challenge. 😉


HIPP Formula

Luca is now completely formula fed. I experimented with formulas and finally settled on HIPP. This website is great for explaining all the different kinds! 


Tummy Time Mirror

Now that he’s stronger and can hold his head up for longer, he loves tummy time! This mirror was great for when we started tummy time initially (who doesn’t love to look at themselves?) but is now even better to keep him on his belly for longer.


Mombella Ellie Elephant Teether

I love this teether because it’s light and easy for Luca to grab! It also massages his gum (or I use it to brush his gums) which he likes now that he is teething. 

Baby Einstein Take Along Musical Toy

Babies LOVE this toy! It’s just enough stimulation, and the songs are sweet, calming and don’t really get too annoying (for me). I hook mine to his play mat!


Here are some more of our favorites!

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