Lyme Disease

I have LYME DISEASE. More test results came back and in addition to SIBO, candida, and parasites, I now also have lyme. It’s crazy that this is all happening, because I think of myself as such a healthy person. Like I have a healthy lifestyle blog, so how is this my reality? But I’m staying positive and know things could always be worse, and I’m so grateful that I’m finding this all out now before it escalates.

So what am I doing about this all? Per my doctor’s recommendation, I’m putting SIBO and candida to the side right now while I take two weeks of antiparasitic medication to kill the parasites. My doctor thinks I’ve had them for years and they are most likely the cause of the SIBO and candida. After the antiparasitic medication, I’ll go on 20 days of antibiotics for lyme. My body is super sensitive so I don’t want to overload it with different medications and potent herbs at the same time. I am also exploring holistic approaches to healing as well, but because my doctors think we found lyme early, they highly recommend doing the antibiotic route. 

In the meantime, I am still eating low fodmap for SIBO symptoms, but to be honest, I haven’t felt any relief yet. I am also celery juicing every morning, drinking teas, incorporating fresh herbs and spices into all my cooked veggies, doing acupuncture, cupping, IR saunas, lymphatic massages, dry brushing and tongue scraping. I’m being so damn kind to my body because she is going through so much right now. This also means really slowing down and being present. Simple but powerful for this healing journey.

Questions! have any of you guys had/have lyme? What is your experience? Did you do the antibiotics? It has been so amazing to be able to connect with you guys for support!



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  • My husband was DIAGNOSED with lyme disease about six years ago. We were referred to an infectious disease SPECIALIST. I thank the lord we did just that. Wishing you well in this journey.

  • it seems whenever someone sees a non Traditional doctor for undiAgnosed issues they always get told they have lymes Disease. Is it possible most of us have this??