Make A List And Check It Twice: How I Juggle a Career and A Blog

Samsung Family Hub

How I Juggle a Career and A Blog

I often get questions about how I work as a speech pathologist and also run this blog. I co-own a private practice, and in the past I also used to work at a special needs pre-school. I’ve always been a fairly efficient person; but working so many hours and also needing to come up with consistent content to run a food blog brought my skills to a whole new level! No time could be wasted in order to also be able to have a life. 🙂 So in order to stay super efficient and organized, I keep lists of everything that needs to get done.  

Samsung Family Hub

I’m visual, so I use the list feature on my Samsung Family Hub because the screen is huge and it’s right in my kitchen (I’m always in the kitchen!). It also syncs to my phone, so I can add and cross off items when I need to. Nothing feels better than crossing things off.  🙂

I have my lists organized into personal things that need to get done, and then Spinach for Breakfast tasks. Lou also has a list, it just never seems to be as full as mine. 😉 Each morning I just take a look to see what I have on my plate. It doesn’t mean I need to do everything, but I will pick a few things I know I need to get done. Once those are finished, I’ll see if I have time to do a few more.

Samsung Family Hub
I know we are fortunate to have this
amazing fridge! I’ve talked about it a few other times on here, and the technology is incredible. You of course don’t need anything high tech to stay organized with lists (a good old pen and paper will do!); but at least this way, it’s a list I can’t lose. 😉

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