Mindful Eating in the Office


Life gets stressful; and more often than not that stress comes from outside circumstances, like our jobs. I work full-time on a marketing team for a real estate development company in NYC, and blog on the side. By the time lunch rolls around I find myself so hungry that I chow down my salad in 0.5 seconds, OR I’m quickly eating what I can in-between meetings or during a conference call. Anyone else use the mute button to their advantage? 🙂

I realize that this is not the way I want to treat my mind, body or soul. Life is too precious and beautiful to be anything but present in every moment.

During these past few weeks I have been really trying to slow things down in all aspects of my life, especially when it comes to eating lunch in the office. This means pausing long enough to actually taste my food, paying attention to the sensation of being full, and being thankful. This helps avoid that oh so familiar, “after lunch coma” feeling, where I literally need to go walk it off or potentially take a nap. 

Below are some tips I’m sharing on my personal practice of “mindful eating.”



Tips to be Mindful While Eating

Find gratitude (despite what religion or belief you may practice) for the food that is in front of you.

Breathe slow deep breaths into your belly 5-10 times to ground yourself, feel centered and be present.

SLOW DOWN. Experiment with placing your fork down in between each bite.

Chew completely before swallowing.

Pay attention to each amazing flavor and different texture in your dish.

Put your headphones on and listen to heart centering music.



Benefits from Creating Mindfulness


Slowing down your mind to a meditative state while you eat nourishes the brain. This time gives your mind a generous and much needed break.


Slowing down and thoroughly chewing your food aids in proper digestion as it produces natural enzymes in your body. This can prevent unnecessary weight gain as you are staying consciously aware of how much you are eating and tuning in to when your stomach is beginning to feel full.  


Use this time to take care of yourself! The ultimate self care and self love is to nourish your body! Take this time to feel gratitude for your body and appreciate the experience that your food journeyed to arrive on your plate. 


Mindful Eating in the Office

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