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Beauty Dust

About a year or so ago I was out to drinks with a friend of mine and he was like, “Hey, I know this girl who is starting a line of health and beauty dusts I think you might like.” I of course was intrigued, so he sent me some of the products, I put them up on my health shelf, and I totally forgot about them. Then a few months ago I started seeing these Moon Juice dusts everywhere, and I was like wait, I have that!

So I immediately ordered some more and began putting the Beauty Dust into my daily shake (almond milk + chocolate protein + “mystery” dust) to see what would happen. It’s been a few months and I’m not waking up looking like Gigi Hadid, but that doesn’t mean I’m not totally hooked. It’s like I’m sprinkling a little extra boost of magic from the health gods into my breakfast, and I just instantly feel good about it. Plus their branding is just so damn cute! 

But of course I did some research because I’m not just going to leave you guys with “it’s like magic”. So here’s the scoop.

Moon Juice Dusts are a powdered blend of herbs and minerals that was founded by Amanda Chantal Bacon. She originally opened the juice bar, Moon Juice, in LA, and then went on to create a line of dusts designed to enhance things like sleep, energy, stamina, beauty, and memory.  


“a radiant edible formula alchemized to expand your beauty, luster, and glow from within”

Ingredients: goji, rehmannia, schisandra, and pearl


“a lusty edible formula alchemized to ignite and excite your sexy energy in and out of the bedroom” Ingredients: ho shou wu, cacao, shilajit, maca, schisandra, cistanche, and epimedium


“an adaptogenic elixir to maintain healthy systems for superior states of clarity, memory, creativity, alertness and a capacity to handle stress”

Ingredients: astragalus, shilajit, maca, Lion’s Mane, rhodiola, and ginkgo


“an ancient elite formula to support your peak performance, stamina, and longevity, while aiding in healthy recovery”

Ingredients: astragalus, ginseng, eleuthero, schisandra, and rhodiola


“a soothing edible nightcap alchemized to lull you into deep, restorative nocturnal tranquility”

Ingredients: zizyphus, schisandra, chamomile, and polygala


“a divine edible formula alchemized to help you unwind, expand peaceful awareness and align with bliss”

Ingredients: goji, astragalus, reishi, longan, and salvia


So as you can see, these dusts are packed to the brim with amazing ingredients. For me it’s more the psychological factor. As I mentioned, just starting my morning knowing I made my daily shake as healthy as possible with a little something extra sets the tone for the rest of the day. And of course, the best way to work on your beauty is from within. 🙂



Beauty DustBeauty DustBeauty Dust

Photos by Daniela Spector

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