Why We are Natural Beauty Hypocrites

Alyssa Tosoni and Maria Tosoni

So we’re just going to let the cat out of the bag early and talk about Botox.

Yes, we’ve both had it done (sorry Mom). Why? Because we had wrinkles in our forehead and we wanted them gone.

Let me preface by saying that this was before we decided to explore natural beauty. We were slaves to any product that worked; chemicals welcomed.

The actual process didn’t hurt and it was super fast. Our dermatologist is also really conservative. So you get it done, and then go back for a follow-up where she will add more if needed at no cost. Better safe than frozen.

Will we get it done again? Honestly, it’s undecided. We are now switching over as many of our daily skincare products to natural brands as possible, as we know what our skin absorbs is just as important as what we eat. But Botox is just so effing effective.

Please note that we’d always rather be upfront with you guys, even if it’s something you may not agree with, then pretend we are perfect little natural angels.

So if anyone has questions about the process or our dermatologist, or wants to yell at us (Mom), send us a note 🙂



Alyssa Tosoni and Maria Tosoni

Photography by Daniela Spector

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  • Your facialist here,would like you to try HYALURONIC Acid Fillers next time and after about 2 weeks get a micro current Facial. MICRO CURRENT holds Fillers in longer. but that said,I love and appreciate your candid honesty!!! xo