Tammy Fender

Alyssa Tosoni

We’re about to get deep. And I’m not just talking about pores here. This week’s natural beauty brand highlight is the holistic, spiritually influenced line, Tammy Fender.

Tammy Fender is a 100% botanically formulated line of products to nourish, purify and protect your skin, while restoring your body’s harmony, vitality and energy. 

“My philosophy centers on the recognition that all cells have a consciousness, and being that we are all made of energy and purity, so must we put the same into our body and onto our skin.” – Tammy Fender

This line is very well thought out, beautifully packaged and feels and smells amazing. It is one of the pricer natural skincare lines, but when comparing it directly to others you can tell why. This line most closely models the ease of use and texture of products we are used to using. Nothing is overly oily or requires any effort to “get the hang of.” It’s also extremely effective, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

So if you’re looking to do more for your skin and your inner-self, and don’t mind the small investment, I would take a look at her line. If you are looking for an excuse to go to West Palm Beach, stop by her office for a facial. 🙂




Natural Beauty: Tammy Fender Alyssa Tosoni Natural Beauty: Tammy Fender Alyssa Tosoni

  Photography credit: Daniela Spector

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