Organic Skincare with CocoKind

Organic Skincare CocoKind

Recently I’ve been trying to transition my skincare products from the well-known brands to brands that are organic and chemical free, while not sacrificing anything in the skin department. 🙂

Today we are looking into Cocokind, an organic skincare line started by Pricilla Tsai that is centered around virgin coconut oil. Cocokind is a line that’s great for moisture, with some added benefits of firming, toning and cleansing. It does not contain any chemicals or parabens, which in the long run can do your skin and your body more harm than good.

Overall, Cocokind is a nice line for anyone who loves the smell and feeling of coconut oil, and is looking for serious moisture. The products themselves tend to require some work. For the serums, a little goes a long way! And for the powdered-based masques and face washes, you need to get the hang of adding the right amount of water. But in the end you know everything that you are putting on your skin is 100% natural and organic. I’ve been using them as a part of my nightly routine, especially when I am experiencing dryness. My skin is always super soft in the morning.

And on another amazing note, Cocokind donates a portion of their proceeds to provide clean water, meals, and books to children in need. 🙂



Organic Skincare CocoKind Organic Skincare CocoKind Organic Skincare CocoKindOrganic Skincare CocoKind

 Photography by Daniela Spector

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