Peaches and Cream Toast

peaches and cream toast

This might be my new favorite toast. I mean, I will never turn down toast with avocado (just a real basic betch), but this peaches and cream toast is up there.

The best part it because peaches are so soft and juicy to begin with, you don’t have to bake them to create this. Literally just slice and layer! The drizzle of honey is also quite important, and adds the perfect about of sweetness. Recipe below! 



peaches and cream toastpeaches and cream toast

Peaches and Cream Toast
Serves 1
  1. 2 slices of gluten free or sprouted bread
  2. 2% plain Greek yogurt
  3. 1/2 peach, sliced
  4. Granola (we used One Degree Organic)
  5. Raw honey
  1. Toast bread.
  2. Top with yogurt, peaches granola and a drizzle of raw honey.
Spinach for Breakfast

Oh, and you’ll love these!

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