Review of the Samsung Slide In Smart Range


Lou and I started the process of updating our kitchen about 3 years ago when we first bought our apartment. We painted the cabinets, added molding and a backsplash and got a new Samsung Smart Fridge that we had built in. It completely changed the entire look and feel of our apartment! So much brighter, which makes things seem more spacious. 

We just recently replaced our free standing range that was about 10 years old with Samsung’s new slide in Smart Range and we LOVE it! It’s so easy to install (not that I did anything haha, but I watched them install it in like 5 minutes), and it’s much sleeker looking than our old range.

The range also has wifi connectivity. Connect the range to the Smart Things app on your phone, and you can set the oven temperature and baking time, adjust them at any time or cancel without having to actually touch your oven! There are plenty of moments when I am occupied in the other room, hear the “one minute left warning” and would love to add on five more minutes without having to leave what I’m doing. If I have my phone with me, I can add on the time from the app! 

And ever forget if you forgot to turn the burner off? Just pull up the range in the app and it will let you know if any of the burners are on. And speaking of burners, the Samsung range has the most powerful dual valve brass burner in the industry!

All in all, not only is the Samsung slide in range beautiful looking, but the smart technology piece is really something that I find useful (over just being “cool”). I am someone who loves a good shortcut as long as the result is the same quality. Really anything to make my life easier! If you are considering this as a new appliance, I am happy to say in honesty that I really love it! You can take a look at all of their new slide in range options here.


Review of the Samsung Slide In Smart RangeReview of the Samsung Slide In Smart Range


This post is in partnership with Samsung home appliances. I am fortunate to be given the opportunity to work with brands I love!





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