So a portion of my lab results are in… and your girl has SIBO.

For those of you who don’t know, SIBO is an overgrowth of bacteria in your small intestines. Although we have bacteria throughout our entire digestive track, the majority of the bacteria should live in our large intestine or our colon. Our small intestines is where we digest and absorb our food, so little bacteria should be living there. This is because we do not want any critters interfering with the digestion and absorption of our food. Good digestion it is so critical to our health! 

I have methane-dominate SIBO (there are two types: methane and hydrogen) which means the bacteria is giving off an excess of methane gas when present and feeding off the foods I eat. This can explain many of the symptoms I’ve been feeling like weight gain, bloating, distention, constipation, and fatigue. Damn you, SIBO. 

Our foundation to health is a strong intestinal track, so when this is being attacked our entire system can be thrown off. SIBO is also complicated and not the easiest to kill, so I will be going on a pretty long and restrictive treatment plan to finally get my health back. I will say, I have a mix of emotions around finding this out. Initially, I was actually happy because I finally had an answer to these symptoms and validation that I’m not just crazy. But researching more and diving into the treatment plan, I’m finding it can be a lengthy process. So right now I think I’m mourning my current social life the most, and that fact I can’t have wine or coffee. 

So if you’re feeling like something is off in your body, or perhaps feeling similar symptoms to me, you may want to look into getting tested for SIBO. Along with SIBO, I’m being tested for so many other things that I’m waiting for the results on. Unfortunately, SIBO is most likely a secondary symptom to something else underlining going on. So we must find the root cause, or SIBO will just continue to come back. 

Stay tuned for my treatment plan, more results and what to do if you’re feeling something is off in your body!  🙂


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  • I’m happy for your that you are looking into gut healing and getting professional assistance. It’s too bad more DOCTORS do not address this issue, particularly with women. I have found it very interesting that even though we may live a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and exercise, we can still have body systems out of wack due to environmental & biological factors beyond our control.
    I underwent gut healing about 3 years ago just on my own. I was suffering from bloat every evening and gassy like unreal! My personal regimen was a 5-strain pro-biotic daily for almost a year. I now take it as needed for maintenance. I also employed an ALKALIZING greens powder SUPPLEMENT. Again i took it for about a year. Now I take it during the week and rest on the weekends (primarily because I need a break from the taste). being peri-menopausal and now POST-menopausal, I found that a natural progesterone cream also aided my overall well-being but definitely also MY GUT health. If i get lazy and don’t use it, I find bloat and belly jiggle return.
    prior to healing, i could no longer tolerate dairy products like milk and ice cream. now I am able to have ice cream a couple of times a week though I tend not to do so 🙂 also I no longer have sluggish bowels (wow fun stuff here!)
    and so in the effort to repair and keep my gut healthy with clean eating brought me to your site. I was looking for recipes and yours make sense for my needs. thank you and best of luck!

  • Hi Alyssa, sorry to hear about your sibo diagnosis. I was diagnosed with it four years ago and it was both a curse and a blessing, but more of a blessing. like you, i was happy to finally figure out what was causing all my gut issues. i’d been having ibs (irritable bowel syndrome) for something like 30 years! i’m glad you figured out what you have and are getting treatment. You will start to feel better in time and then all the dietary restrictions will be worth it! does your doctor have you on the low fodmap diet? If yes, check out the monash fodmap app. it’s super helpful. Also, there’s a free sibo sos summit going on right now. have you heard of it? details at: Good luck and feel free to email me if you want to chat about all things sibo. 😉