Sustainable Fashion- Amour Vert


Let’s talk fashion. Sustainable fashion.

We recently had the wonderful opportunity to work with Amour Vert, a sustainable fashion line founded by Christoph Frehsee and Linda Balti. After learning how much pollution the fashion industry creates for our environment (fashion is the #2 polluting industry after big oil companies), Frehsee and Balti decided it was time for a change.

Although the founders are European by decent, Amour Vert is an American based company. All clothing is made using non-toxic dyes and gorgeous fabric blends to ensure their pieces are comfortable, classic and long lasting. They’ve also partnered with American Forests, so when you buy a tee they plant a tree. 🙂

To learn more about sustainable and eco-friendly living, visit our friend Alden over at EcoCult!

And for 20% off Amour Vert, use the code GREENLOVE at checkout. 🙂



Sustainable Fashion- Amour Vert Sustainable Fashion- Amour Vert Sustainable Fashion- Amour Vert

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