Why I Switched to Face Oil At Night

why I use face oil
Let’s talk face oils!

So I have fairly oily skin to begin with. Like not super oily, but enough to where my make-up is off halfway through the day. I also have some dry patches. It’s fun. So when it came to moisturizing, I always stuck with face lotion because I was afraid oils would make me breakout. 

I was SO wrong.

About a year ago I started switching out my skincare products for natural brands. With that came loads of face oils and serums. I started applying either an oil or serum at night, and have literally never looked back. It’s taken me awhile to write this post because I really wanted to test and wait for results. Verdict is face oils have significantly improved my skin!


My Results From Face Oil

Softer Skin

Clearer Complexion

Smaller Pores

Fewer Fine Lines




What a face oil does that a lotion doesn’t is sink deep into your skin to lock in moisture and add extra nourishment. And moisture is SO important, especially as we get older. It also acts an amazing base for under eye creams. And not all oils are the same. In fact there are a ton of different combinations! So it’s all about picking the right ones for your skin. Just make sure it’s 100% natural. If this shiz is sinking way deep down into my skin there better be nothing synthetic in there. 

I linked my personal favorites below that I have been using over the past year!



why I use face oilwhy I use face oilwhy I use face oil


My Favorite Face Oils


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