Test Don’t Guess

I want to talk about testing not guessing! I spent months trying to guess what was wrong with me, why I was gaining weight, so fatigued and bloated. I started working out every day (sometimes twice) and even tried the keto diet because like maybe that would help my symptoms (it didn’t!). I finally had my AH HA moment that just maybeee something else was going on.

That’s when I began to TEST! I went the functional route and tested for everything. Note: this was both with at home kits with Zesty Ginger and bloodwork with an internist doctor in NYC. We tested for SIBO, parasites, h.pylori, celiac, gastritis, lyme, candida, hormones (extensive thyroid panel), and neurotransmitters.

My advice to you guys would be to stop guessing. Stop changing your macros, eating less, taking supplements you see your fave bloggers take, and instead find a doctor or functional practitioner to do the extensive testing and blood work needed. If your doctor is more conventional, ask him to test you for these things and if they are not open to it then look for another doctor who will listen.

My first experience with a GI doctor was really discouraging because he told me everything was “normal,” same with my primary doctor and gyno. It wasn’t until I dug deep with Zesty Ginger and found my fourth doctor in NYC that I uncovered all these things. If you’re in New York and want to test for parasites, go to Dr. Cahill. I’m also seeing an amazing internist doctor on the UES who has been quarterbacking my treatment plan and sending me to specialists for each issue (hence the endoscopy pic above!). He is more conventional but listens to my celery juice talk and is supportive in how I want to heal. It took me about 6 months to find my team and answers, so the sooner you start exploring the better! 


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