Tips for Surviving the 21 Day Clean Program

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Twenty one days is a long time.

And cutting out gluten, dairy, sugar, coffee, alcohol and solid dinners for that length of time can seem like an eternity. However I promise you it’s doable, and it gets easier and easier as the time passes. 

This is going to be our fourth time doing the 21 day Clean Program. We actually started our blog initially as a website solely for Clean Cleanse recipes.  So we consider ourselves vets in the cleansing department. We’ve had our struggles for sure, but learn a lot each time we go through the process. 

Below are some of the best tips we have for getting through the Clean Program. Just note the cleanse will be different for everyone. So what works for us may not work for you. What we do know is you will feel amazing after, and learn a lot about yourself and your body along the way. 🙂




When in doubt, make your smoothie the night before.

I am not a morning person. So what I do is make my breakfast smoothie at night, pour it into a mason jar and stick it in the fridge. In the morning I shake it up and it’s ready to go. This way I don’t run into the issue of not having time in the morning . This shake is essential and cannot be skipped!

Bulk up your liquid meals.

This cleanse isn’t about counting calories. So make sure you are eating enough to get you through the day. I always add protein, nut butters, chia seeds/flax meal and/or avocado to my shakes to make sure I am getting enough protein, healthy fats and calories to hold me over. Over time as your body adjusts, you may not need such a filling shake. 

Don’t Cheat.

Just don’t do it. Because once you cheat one time, it won’t be a big deal to keep doing it. Don’t think of it as “I shouldn’t eat this,” like you’re on a diet and you know you shouldn’t but def still will. Think of it as I can’t eat this. Not an option. K Bye.

Drink a shit ton of tea.

Tea saves me. It replaces my coffee when the struggle is real the first few days. Also anytime I am “hungry,” but not really hungry, I make a huge cup of tea and I am usually good to go. If I am still hungry, then I eat something. Also at night, aka my favorite time to snack, tea makes an appearance again to hold me off. I have about 75 flavors in my pantry.

Switch it up.

There’s a balance between feeling like you are slaving in the kitchen and eating the same thing for lunch three weeks in a row. Go on Pinterest or our Clean Cleanse Recipes section, and start saving dishes you want to try. Pick one recipe that you will get a few meals out of (like our Creamy Butternut Squash and Kale Pasta) and then one or two recipes that’s more of a single serving, like our Vegan Kale Caesar Salad. That way you are only cooking a few times, but keep the interest going by constantly trying new things.

Buy new stuff.

You know when you buy new gym clothes and you’re all motivated to work out? Take that idea and apply it to the cleanse. Buy yourself some cute tea mugs, new mason jars, copper straws, fun bowls, a yoga mat, Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots (wait what). Literally, whatever you think you need to motivate yourself throughout those 21 days. I also treat myself to massages over these three weeks as something not only to look forward to, but to also help with detoxification. 🙂

Photos by Daniela Spector

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