Everything You Need For The Clean Cleanse


There are two ways to go about the Clean Cleanse. You can buy the kit, which comes with all of the protein and supplements you will need for the 21 days, or you can purchase “Clean approved” protein and supplements on your own. Although the kit makes things easier, it’s pricey. We’ve actually done the cleanse more times without the kit than not, so it’s totally doable!

We are going to make things really easy for you! Below are options to make your own Clean Cleanse kit. We’ve also included some of our favorite food brands that we always eat during (and after) the cleanse.

And we can’t stress enough how important it is to read the book Clean! Besides the fact that this cleanse is an easy way to lose weight and get healthy, really understanding why the program is the designed the way it is and how it will impact your body is super valuable. The Clean Program support team is also amazing, and always there to answer any questions you have! 



Step 1: Read the Clean Cleanse Manual.

Start by reading the Clean Cleanse Manual to learn about the guidelines for the cleanse, what foods to include and exclude, and what to expect.


Step 2. Pick a Protein.

The best protein to get is the Clean Cleanse Daily Shakes by the Clean Program. In our opinion, their chocolate flavor is the besting tasting protein we’ve come across. The following proteins are not 100% Clean Cleanse approved, by are ok in moderation.


Step 3: Choose Your Supplements

These are not obligatory but highly recommended for the cleanse to be as effective as possible! Make sure to have a probiotic, digestive enzyme, antimicrobial (oil of oregano or garlic) and liver support (milk thistle). The Clean Program recommends the following guidelines:

    1 100 billion CFU probiotic- 1x day (ideally in the AM)

1 Antimicrobial pill- 3x daily (with food)

1 Liver Support pill- 3x daily (with food)

2 Digestive Enzyme pills- 3x daily (with food)


Step 4. Stock Up On Clean Approved Foods.

We always make sure to have Clean snacks on hand and the right food items in our apartment to cook with.


Step 5. Sign Up For Our Newsletter.

Recipes are key during this cleanse! No one can last 21 days eating the same things. Make sure to look at the Clean Cleanse Recipes section on our blog, and sign up for our newsletter and the Clean Program’s newsletter to get more recipes sent to you.  


Photos by Daniela Spector

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