Why Everyone Can Benefit From A Detox

Why Everyone Can Benefit From A Detox

Unless you legit live in a bubble (that’s not plastic), you’ve been exposed to toxins from your environment. Whether it’s through the food you are eating, the cleaning products that you use, or the lovely NYC air that you breathe, toxins are entering your body on a daily basis. 

And for those who are all anti-detoxing, guess what? Your body does it every day. 🙂 Or at least it tries to. Everyday the cells in your body are working to get rid of waste. Think carbon dioxide. The problem is, in today’s society we are taking in many more toxins than we should be, and our bodies can’t keep up. So in return, we are exhausted, our digestion is terrible, we break out, and may even develop disease.

So once a year it’s nice to do a “cleanse,” which is a program designed for a specific period of time to turn up the intensity of detoxification*. We can’t stop breathing the air in NYC, but we can eliminate all of the chemical cleaners and processed foods from our diet. We can eat mindfully in a way that allows our body to have the time and energy it needs to get rid of as many built up toxins as possible.

Alyssa and I choose to follow the Clean Program. This is the only cleanse we have tried, but it works well for us so we stick with it. Whatever cleanse you choose, make sure there is specific reasoning and research behind every step of the program. During a cleanse you are adding and eliminating things in a very specific way. Done wrong, it could do your body more harm than good.

Done right, here’s what you can expect: 


Like, who doesn’t want that? 😉

So if we have inspired you, join us on January 12th where we will be diving into the Clean Program’s 21-Day Group Cleanse! We will be posting recipes, grocery lists, and lifestyle tips to help you every step of the way!

We also suggest reading the book Clean before starting the cleanse, and taking a look at their website so you fully understand the program.  

Cheers to a Happy & Healthy New Year!



Why Everyone Can Benefit From A Detox

*Junger, p.113

*Please note we do not receive any paid compensation from the Clean Program. We love it because it works.

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