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We switched fitness gears in March by getting off the megformer and onto a trampoline. Bari is a Tribeca based fitness studio that offers dance, bounce and toning classes. The Bari goal is to get you your best body yet by sculpting long lean muscles, improving endurance and burning fat. Hence why I needed to be a #baribabe.



The studio itself is super chic, with Instagram-worthy photo op areas and equipment you won’t find at the gym. I mean who doesn’t want to get a sexy mid-air shot of jumping on a trampoline?


I stuck to three out of the five classes that they offer: micro, bounce, and hybrid. Micro is your toning class that hits the total body. While you aren’t using any weights over 5 lbs, you are working your body to create long lean muscles. They use skimmers a lot in this class; don’t underestimate those little circles. Bounce is what you think it is; low impact, heart pumping cardio from jumping on a trampoline. You will leave sweating, no question. And don’t worry about looking uncoordinated on the trampoline; you will. But so will half of the people in the class, so it’s totally cool. Hybrid is a made up of 20 minutes dance, 20 minutes bounce, and 20 minutes of toning. This class is by far my favorite! You burn a million calories, tone your bod, and the class flies by.


I am sad that my Bari month is over! I’ll be back for sure. The instructors are so sweet, ridiculously motivating, and really do their best to actually get to know you. I really appreciate that extra effort. I do notice some changes in my body, particularly some slimming down and toning in my midsection, which is sooo hard for me to do in March. I also like that they offer a variety of classes, so you can switch it up when you feel like it. The only “room for improvements ” I can think of are that sometimes the classes are really crowded, so you have to be strategic in terms of where you place your body, and the room gets really hot. The music also varies by instructor, some classes had better jams than other, but that’s also a personal preference. 


Oh, and if you don’t live in NYC but still want to be a Bari Babe, take a look at their options for personal training over Skype!


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