Why You Should Wash Your Face with Honey

Why You Should Wash Your Face with Honey

As I’ve mentioned, I am all about switching to natural beauty brands and homemade products as long as they work as well as my products with chemicals. 🙂

My face lotions, serums and scrubs are all currently natural. I love the Tammy Fender line for a splurge, and Meow Meow Tweet for a more affordable natural brand. When it comes to natural face washes, a lot of the brands tend sell them in a powder form. For me, it just makes too much of a mess every time I need to wash my face. Again, my switching to natural beauty products needs to be effective and also easy

So the same cousin that gave me the recipe for the Turmeric Face Mask, also told me about how she washes her face with honey. She’s a little earthy crunchy (love you Jess), but I figured what the hell I’ll try it.

So honey is antibacterial and contains amazing healing properties. Since acne is most often caused by bacteria, honey is a great face wash to prevent pimples and smooth and soften your skin.

Make sure you use a honey that is raw and unfiltered, like the one I have in these photos. Remove your make-up first, and then wash your face the same way you normally would, making sure your face is really wet prior and then rinsed well after.

I’ve been washing my face with honey for a few weeks now and my skin is loving it! Raw honey will have a little texture to it, so it works as a gentle exfoliant as well. However, if you are looking for a deeper scrub, Jess recommends adding a little sea salt to the mix. Plus it smells and tastes amazing 🙂


It’s natural

It treats and prevents pimples

It’s antibacterial 

It will smooth and soften your skin

Why You Should Wash Your Face with Honey

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