21 Day Clean Cleanse for a Healthy 2017

21 Day Clean Cleanse for a Healthy 2017

We are all looking for positive changes in the new year to come. Whether it is focusing on our health, losing weight, or becoming more stress-free, this is the best time for a change!

Beginning on January 9th, we will be joining the Clean Program to participate in their 21 day Clean Cleanse. 


Repair your digestive system

Rid your body of built up toxins

Lose weight

Restore you body’s ability to heal itself

Gain a strong body-mind connection

Eliminate cravings

Improve your skin 


This cleanse is for anyone who doesn’t feel 100%. If you’re always tired, can’t shed the extra pounds, get stomach aches often, have bad skin, or are just generally in poor health, the Clean Program can have a significant impact on how well your body is functioning, how you look and how you feel! If 21 Days seems too long, stick with us for a week to jump start a healthy new year.

If you are not familiar with the program, we highly suggest you read the book Clean by Dr. Junger prior to the cleanse. This will help you understand the purpose of the cleanse, what to expect, and how to properly participate in the program. What we love about the Clean Program is you do not have to buy the kit to participate, you can just get the protein and supplements yourself!

So join us! Start off 2017 with a healthier and happier you. We will be posting Clean Cleanse recipes and tips to help you get through, so make sure you are signed up for our newsletter. 🙂

*Check out the full Elimination Guide for more information on what foods are allowed and eliminated during the cleanse.



21 Day Clean Cleanse for a Healthy 2017

*Please note we are not medical professionals. If you have a concerning medical condition please contact your physician or a licensed nutritionist prior to participating. Do not participate if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Photos by Daniela Spector

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  • I am on day 4 of my Clean program and read your post as part of the email sent to me by the Clean team coach. Followed the link and here I am. I started reading each and every one of your post and I am so happy I found your blog. Love it!

  • Hi, i am on day 7 of the clean gut program from the book. I was very strict until today! I had a 1/2 bag of corn chips which i ate! would this little slip put a damper on my cleanse where i would have to start over? In a week i lost 8.5 lbs, so i was serious when i said i was strict with my diet.

    • Hi Liz! So I don’t think you need to start over, but I would maybe tack on a few days at the end depending on how you are feeling. Because this is a “cleanse” and not just a diet, it’s more important to try and stick to the allowed foods. You’ve got this though, you’re almost there!

  • I have never participated in a cleanse, and am very excited to try one for the first time. I am a mom of 5, and need to reset my eating habits after this holiday season.

  • Hello
    I Have my own little clean eating instagram (subosfitlife) which i started in the summer which i am starting to get the hang oF now (i hope) i do however find the whole Suppliment world Quite daunting. I have read countless articles, bUt stIll feel non the wiser on Whats rIght for me. Maybe this could help or even some imformation would be an amazing help. Thank You