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Say hello to the most beautiful cheese table! If you know me, you know I love cheese 🙂 And this past week I got an exclusive tasting of some of the best French cheeses thanks to Cheese of Europe. Not only were they all incredible (you can really tell the quality of a good cheese), but I got to learn a lot about European cheeses and their standards.

The European Union (EU) takes significant steps to protect and guarantee that their cheeses are of the highest standard in terms of quality, taste, diversity, and tradition. They have strict guidelines for farm animals, prohibiting any use of antibiotics or hormones. There are tight guidelines on the animal’s feed and daily hygiene as well. And when you see a European cheese with yellow and red Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) label, that means the EU has guaranteed both the provenance it was made in and the quality. These cheeses are made by skilled local producers, who use specific ingredients and time-honored methods. 

It was incredibly hard to pick a favorite, all the cheeses were delicious, but my favorite was the Mimolette. It’s a cow’s milk cheese with a rich orange color, and both fruity and nutty notes with butterscotch nuances. They described it as a very “snackable” cheese, which is true! I kept going back for more as the flavor was rich and delicious, but not overwhelming. They also suggested adding this to a dish like a creamy carrot soup for fall. 

If anything, this event opened up my appreciation for just how much care goes into the making of French cheese. From the farms, to the animals, to the product production, every step is incredibly important and meticulously crafted. 

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