Spinach for Baby


Surprise! We are having a baby. 🙂

I wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone for your super kind comments and messages. Lou and I are really excited and slightly overwhelmed that our very easy lives are going to be not so easy come summer! But we are ready (in our minds, like not in real life) and know it will be totally worth it. 🙂

I want to make sure the content that I share throughout my pregnancy is still semi-relevant to everyone! To be honest, before I was pregnant I could only deal with talking about baby things for so long. So I’ll be focusing a lot on natural skincare, beauty and other wellness areas, in addition to some prego related posts. Morning sickness has been the number one topic in my messages, and I’ve thrown up enough times to write a novel. 😉

For now, I wanted to answer a few of the common questions that I’ve been getting. I’m an open book, so anything you’d like to know just ask!

Did it take you a long time to get pregnant?

Nope! Fertile myrtle over here.

When are you due?

End of June!

How have you been feeling?

Not good haha. My first trimester was really tough; morning sickness, afternoon sickness, night sickness. Picture being really hungover every day, but you still need to like go to work and function. I couldn’t even look at vegetables on my own Instagram account, and my normal super healthy diet was quickly replaced by toast. I was also exhausted. So getting home from work at 7 and going to bed at 7:45 (no lie) left little time to work on the blog. So I apologize that it’s been a rough few months of content. I’m starting to feel better now and have (a bit) more energy!

Has your diet changed?

For the first thee months, completely. More carbs than I’ve eaten in the past like 5 years. I no longer have spinach for breakfast. Instead, I have two pieces of Ezekiel toast, one with coconut butter and one with almond butter. Every morning. For four months. For lunch I have a plain 2% greek yogurt, an apple and usually nuts or a mini GoMacro bar. Dinner is dependent on how nauseous I am. I have been eating a lot of eggs. If I can handle salad I do that. Sometimes it’s quinoa pasta and I will sneak veggies in. Sometimes it’s chips and hummus. It’s been rough.

Did you think you were having a boy?

NO! I come from a family dominated by girls. Alyssa and I don’t have a brother, and we only have one boy cousin. So anytime I pictured my future self with kids it was always little girls. Having a boy literally wasn’t even a thought. But he’s coming, and I’m going to be playing with trucks. 😉

Did you pick out a name?

We did! But it’s a secret. 🙂

Are you taking supplements?

I am taking a prenatal vitamin by Garden of Life and prenatal DHA on days that I don’t eat fish. I also take the same prebiotic and probiotic that was taking before I got pregnant. 

What are you doing for exercise?

Welp, I wasn’t doing much. I was so nauseous and tired that working out wasn’t even an option. However, I walk a lot in Manhattan every day, so I am super active within my daily routine. I recently started live streaming Pvolve in my apartment which has been great! I try to do that four times a week for toning, as I would like to stay as healthy and fit as possible! 

How has your body changed?

As of right now no major changes! I lost around 5-6lbs my first trimester from being so sick, and I also caught a bad virus right before Christmas which didn’t help. From those of you I’ve talked to about morning sickness, I know weight loss can be common. I am 17 weeks and I don’t have a bump yet but I’m sure it will be coming soon. I can feel firmness down below my belly button, and it’s not lower abs. 😉



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