The Most Affordable Natural Baby Products

The Most Affordable Natural Baby Products

Babies are expensive. 🙂 Between diapers, formula, clothes that seem to fit Luca for like 2 weeks, and new toys that they need for their age I am literally always buying things. And because I want to buy nice quality products that are non-toxic and safe for him, it can totally add up! 

BUT now there are products that I have been DYING to share with you guys. Brandless has come out with a baby line! If you don’t know Brandless, they are an amazing website for household, pantry and beauty products with incredible prices. We’re talking price points of $3 and $9. YES. Sorry I am using so many caps but it’s one of those things that’s like, wait this raw maple syrup is $3 and this pack of 26 size 5 diapers are $9!?

And everything is wonderful quality. The reason its so inexpensive if because everything is made in house and shipped directly to you. So you can get all your non-toxic, organic, non-GMO goods for an amazing value.

So lets talk baby products. The most exciting thing for me has to be the diapers, and they are good! I tested Luca with them overnight for serval nights, and he didnt pee through them. Thats basically the ultimate test :). Ive also tried their wipes, non-toxic baby ointment (which has also been working very well on Lucas super dry skin this winter), diaper rash cream and organic baby food. I am really happy with the quality. 

For ALL the details, head to their website to take a look at their full line of baby products! 

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