The Vegan Leather Couches I Am Swooning Over

The Vegan Leather Couches I Am Swooning Over

I moved to Manhattan after grad school in 2010, and since then I’ve lived in 7 different apartments. Started out in a 5th floor walk up on the Upper East Side with my best friends, and now a husband and two kids later I’ve landed in my favorite apartment yet. 

We decided it was time to redecorate for this one. I love an airy, minimalistic look that is still cozy. I also needed it to be functional because… children. So I started by picking out the couches, which to me were the most important pieces of the living room, and then filled in the rest from there. 

I stumbled upon the Albany Park brand and IMMEDIATELY fell in love with their Park sectional and Park armchair. Like, I needed to have them. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to test them out prior, but I bit the bullet and went for them anyway. Let me tell you they are beautiful quality! The fabric is amazing, and they are so easy to clean (I just wipe them down). A great option for a family.

Albany Park is a has a few other sectional and chair style options, which makes the shopping experience way less overwhelming. They are also delivered to you within three days! No waiting 8-10 weeks for your custom couch to be delivered while you sit and watch TV on your floor (I speak from experience). The process is simple and easy. If you are on the hunt for a new sectional, I highly recommend!

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